Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weekend sketches

My brother came over on the weekend, and we had some fun sketching and chatting.  I was showing him the shading pens I had, and some of the charcoals.  I dug up some old pastels I had inherited and played with those.

it sure felt good to just goof off on paper for no reason at all.  the face was drawn from memory, brown pastel/charcoal. smudged away with an old rag until I had my values set in.
A good example of getting down to detail from wide strokes. It started out as a rag smudge and went from there.  I was showing my brother when to stop adding and adjusting... which is when the idea finally shows itself.  Messing  with it more just leads to ruining the whole drawing, as I have clearly done here with the torso and backshading.. ahh well..

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