Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rigging1 and teaser for minituts1

I was digging through my archives when I saw my old portable hard drive.  I had to load it up to see what was on it.  Lo, I found the teaser vids that I had created to sell my first two instructional videos: Minituts1, and Rigging1.  This was back before youtube, so they had to be small, and load fast off of my site.
 Well, hasnt been up for quite a while, the times have slowly replaced it with automated entities such as, youtube and vimeo and other various forms of online self-authoring.  So.. here they are from the grave.

you can still purchase these videos still  on

I am  sure I have another teaser showing off minituts2 on another backup.  I will keep finding those things and dust them off for you to see.  In the meanwhile, here are some press images from animate2

the Noob teaches you about keyframes and animation concepts in Animate1

 Rigging a full character with facial as well as a four legged character in Rigging2

just parts of a lesson on rigging in Minituts1.  I really like the topology I made for it.

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Chris Holt said...

I Joe. Just downloaded MiniTuts 1 and there is no sign of the Spherize eye morph technique video as shown in the teaser. Is this right? Ta!