Monday, March 21, 2011

Messiah's metaEffectors

Way back in messiah:studio V2, I had decided to animate this skeleton model.  This was my stress test for their new MetaEffector tool back when it was first introduced.  MetaEffectors are weight fields that can be used to isolate different meshes, change how skeletons deform meshes, and even influence how shaders are blended, since it is a value-driven volume.  while I may not be good at explaining *what* they do, I can show you this example. I used MetaEffectors to isolate and assign 160 bones in this skeleton model file to the animation controls within messiah. back then, it was no easy feat. this skeleton easily exceeded 100,000 polygons. so much that it had to be modeled into 5 parts  in the beginning, and took up to 5 minutes to even open on my workstation.

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