Thursday, February 28, 2008

Facial Rigging Tutorials Out Now!!

Weeee! I finally powered through the tutorials. Enough so, that it may take you 8 straight hours to watch both of them. Finally!. It sure has been a while since I've created any training material for Messiah, but it's great to coincide with the new v3.0 release of Messiah:Studio.

This is also a great time to announce that the tutorial CDs are available for online download, too!
Just the turnaround on getting the CD over to cafepress was a few weeks! Having a venue to get a product out there immediately has spurred me to try to be quicker to market with my stuff. seems to be doing a pretty good job at handling the bandwidth for downloads, which opens up another option: I can now record new tutorials in High Definition format, instead of down-sampling them to fit on CD media. Everyone has bandwidth, nobody wants to check mail.

so.. if you wish to know about how I set up Facial animation in Messiah, check them out!

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