Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Silver, a facial rig example from the Advanced Facial tutorials.

I'm posting this now, just to let people know there is progress happening on Messiah tutorials. It's been a while since I released any new videos, and this one is taking especially long, mostly due to hard work at my job at disney, and a home repair/sell that is going on right now with my current house.

Silver is one of many different rigs on the Advanced Facial tutorials. The power of Messiah's Xform effect can be seen in the blending of different areas of the face. this is not done with the final rig, just done with the one I've recorded up to so far. He still has dynamic wrinkles and skeletal to go.

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Ochyming said...

If i bought this tutorial, will i be able to apply what you teach to applications like C4D or blender?

My pocket is short, you know.