Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Traditional media still rocks.

Sheesh, it's taking a while to get the motor started on this thing. I never was very good at keeping journals. Here's one: I started playing with charcoal a month back and found out it wasn't as bad as I remember (images of using nails on the chalkboard come to mind) I've always been more of a Colored pencil/acrylic/graphite person in my early days using real media. what convinced me to try charcoal again was the artists at Avalanche. Every Friday, there is a figure drawing class in the morning, and watching some of these guys is very awe inspiring. within two hours, they produce some incredible shading and shapes. Adam ford, Brian Christensen, Ryan Wood, Jeremy Wood and others. They blog their stuff, so take a look at the links to the right to wander the Avalanche artists pages. Talent just oozes out of this company.
I like dinosaurs, and I had a pad of Bristol Board, so I decided to give it a go.

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