Friday, October 27, 2006

I feel I should spend some time pimping my stuff. If you glance to the right, there are two links, The one going to Cafepress are my instructional videos on using the software "Messiah:Studio", which is the link right below it. Why am I typing about something like that up here, even though the videos are years old? Because I don't have a web page, and google will make keywords out of it, so people can find out about this "under the radar" 3d app.

Project:Messiah was a plugin for Lightwave way back in the 5.5 and 6.0 days. It has since sprung to life in it's own stand-alone app for quite a few years now. Think of it as an animation/rendering package with nearly any modeling program as a plugin. It has been used in many films, shorts, and is a hidden tool of many lightwave/maya users. Over half of those purchasing the aforementioned tutorials are international, meaning the app itself has a very worldwide appeal. PMG (The folks behind messiah) have just updated the Demo software, so if you are into 3d animation, check it out. If you are a serious investigator, feel free to ask questions on the forums.

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