Tuesday, February 22, 2011

traditional sculpting dump.

Here are a few pics of sculptures I did a while back.  I am a big believer in traditional media.  there is nothing like feeling, touching, and observing actual materials in an object.  Engaging as many senses as you can, such as smell, feel, touch, will help you learn more about the object you are creating;  It will solidify your understanding of shapes and flow. You will understand composition, and build out the habits of visualizing in 3 dimensions.

this macquette was commissioned for a private estate...

...which turned into this 30 foot monster.
my good friend Nathan Lindsay designed this fellow, which I turned into 3d.

Everyone wants to dream.  I was steampunk before it was popular...

Real media lets you explore textures and understand them in a different way than digital can.

This sculpture was commissioned by the North American Museum Of Ancient Life.
It is the only life sculpture that the kids can play on, and was masterfully engineered to be bulletproof by my brothers, who are technical geniuses.

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davidmaas said...

That pose looks a bit mammalian, but... holy crap that detailing is nuts!