Monday, February 21, 2011

Dare to share. a PMG success...

Yes, I have not posted in a few years, and I need to get back in the swing. This is worth writing down:

PMG issued a challenge. In one week, how many people could pass along a message about an animation/rendering package called Messiah:Studio. Ten bucks a license was the reward if they could get enough people interested. Viral marketing in this day and age was a perfect fit for a challenge like that. Well... in one week, they got 100,000 views from over 114 countries, and countless numbers signed up for a license to "give it a try".

I am excited about this because I have been teaching this software for a decade to people who were willing to 'give it a try'. Hardly anyone knows of its existence, but it has flown under the radar doing its magic in studios and freelance jobs for decades. It is robust not because of the things it has done in the past, but because of what it can do now and tomorrow.

Seriously, the power of this program has not even been scratched. It has a full fledged nodal based shading system and renderer. You can even composite shaders on top of shaders for that Non-Photorealistic look, all linkable to cameras, lights, even bones, and weights.

it has C-language based scripting that can also program shaders, a realtime iconic interface system(armatures) that can control any aspect of your 3d scene, and even execute expressions.

It's got bone dynamics, cloth dynamics, sub surface scattering, network rendering, multithreaded, multicore rendering and interface acceleration. It can hook into Maya, Lightwave and MAX and 'puppeteer' your models live in their own native interface.

You can export models out to game engines, such as Unity3d, complete with animation and whatever else you need. Here is an example I made a while back in V4.5 straight export with some unity-programmed logic thrown in.

Now that PMG has the attention it asked for, it needs people to show off their software. We have all the tools we need to make what we want. We just need good artists to leverage them and push the software into the mindspace of the average user looking to tell their own 3d stories.
Everyone who has taken the leap of faith has not regretted it.

And yes, me and my friends can get you up to speed pretty fast with a tightly knit community with people who use the software daily.

Will you 'give it a try'?

Then head over to http://www. and see what the members are doing, as well as view and purchase instructional videos, models, and chat live with the users through IRC.

I also sell instructional videos from Lulu at

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