Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Apatasaur playground

I visit my brother Matt a lot. He is my technical sounding board, runs MK1 Manufacturing and is just a plain crazy scoundrel to hang out with; You'd like him.

  One day a few years ago he asks me,"Remember back when we made dinos?  I want to make a dinosaur swing for the kids." What he was talking about was two decades ago.  He and I and my other brother James had built 40 sculptures for an outdoor museum up in Ogden, Utah. We were teenagers and didn't know much of anything other than resin and fiberglass is strong...oh and everyone in the 90's could stick-weld.

   So to me his statement wasn't that we should, but what can we do better now that we've mastered computer design, CNC machining, woodworking, electronics, 3d modeling...basically all of the things we didnt know that were inaccessible at the time that had slowly become our hobby and professions after 20 years.   I thought about it.. noodled a few sketches and figured, what the hell..

I started the model two years ago.  We  started construction in January '2015. We tightened the bolts on it to 12 tonnes of concrete in June,  and by july, had a platform to play with.   My brother and I like to tinker. over the next year added all the RGB lighting and bluetooth speakers and clubhouse and slides and climbing nets for the kids to hang out to their hearts content. 
But the most fun of it is all of us adults swing on the swings chatting and dreaming about the future just as much as our kids do.  

As it all turns out, the kids didn't need to go outside to play. We did.

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